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Why He Came Back

Why He Came Back

Playing sports my freshman year was very dry. I knew I wanted to do something and be someone while I played. Freshman year was as dull as pointless pencil. I did not have a legitimate reason for playing sports other than the fact that my school made me. Late into my freshman year, a friend of my mine introduced me to FCA. We were sitting during lunch when he indicated that he had go somewhere. I asked where he was going and he told me to come and see. I was a bit skeptical of going, but something within me told me to go check it out. We arrived and we were at FCA. I had no idea what this was, other than what the acronym was, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I did not go to all the FCA meetings that year but I enjoyed the ones that I attended. The following year I attended every single meeting. I really enjoyed the environment, even though I did not really understand why I came back. That same year playing sports was much different. I had something within pushing me even more. I still didn’t understand what it was. The summer before my junior year, my huddle leader, Coach Cade Lemcke, invited me to go to the FCA sports camp held in Richmond. I knew from start of our conversation that I wanted to go. 
That summer, I witnessed a change in my lifestyle and how I went about every situation. For starters, I found a clue behind the fire within and it was a voice by God telling me that I have to go all out. The way I interpreted that was by getting my body in the best shape to stun everyone that ever doubted my athletic abilities. For example, my junior year, track season was a complete turn around. It went from me being under-looked to being asked to go to a statewide competition. I was really thankful for getting the opportunity to go to the sports camp in Richmond because I learned a lot about myself. 

Attending our huddle at school my junior year was different because I knew why I was there. 

The reason I was there was because I wanted my fire within to grow bigger. The summer before my senior year when I attended the sports camp in Richmond, again, I then learned how to control my fire and use it in becoming a leader in what I do. I am no longer shy to express my fire, which was something I was afraid of doing my freshman and sophomore year. All I want to do inspire others during our huddle time by showing them how I use my fire to go about my every day in life. 

A major factor I learned from FCA is how to play sports while honoring God at the same time. 

A few characteristics of modelling how to play and honor would be, being humble, respectable, showing compassion, and being a good sportsmanship. And mainly to know that God is always there, even when adversity strikes and tries to put you down. God will always be there helping to fight.

Sincerely, KT 
(Senior at Blue Ridge School)

Monies raised help us start and grow FCA huddles in public and private schools so students, like KT, can hear the hope of Jesus. 

Our year-end goal is $3,000 by Dec 31st   Give Here

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